La Voix - October 2016

We remain in "offseason" mode here at La Voix headquarters, but we can assure that the wheels remain in motion behind the scenes and a lot of work is occuring to make 2017 a great year. The highlight of the last month was undoubtedly the Piuma Hill Climb, which served as the third and final stage of the 2016 LG Cup. If you rode with us up the mountain, you know what a great day it was. If you didn't, what's your excuse? On the bright side, you have over 11 months to prepare for next year's race!

Robert Efthimos
President, Velo Club La Grange

Piuma All-Time Results

2016 LG Cup Director Sportif Marco Fantone put together a master list of every rider and time over the 15 year history of the event. Just click here to check it out. Some of the highlights:

  • The master results show the finishing times from just over 500 club members from 2002 – 2016.
  • Seven members who have completed at least 10 Piuma Hill Climbs.
  • And just to make all of us feel slow, the SLOWEST rider in the overall Top-10 clocked in at 33 minutes, 32 seconds!


Piuma Reports

From Steve Meister:

Thank goodness my legs showed up!  Between parking the car and the starting gun, I lost my brand new Smiths; realized my front brake was out of alignment badly enough that I had to disengage it; got poked by an undone pin on my bib, and forgot to start Strava.

So on the climb it was really glary, my front brakepad against my rim sounded like an angry cricket, my bib fit like a halfpipe, and if Strava were the only proof of my existence, I''s late as I'm writing this and I can't quite finish the thought.

All of which is to say, so what??!!  The race was great, I dropped time from last year, closed out the season with my La Grange buddies, and had a great time.

Awesome club, sport and people. Thank you all!

Anyone find a pair of Smiths?

Piuma aftermath videos with Matthieu Delcourt.

David Holland's Piuma video

Matthieu Delcourt's Piuma video

From the Desk of Seth Davidson Law

Ban Bikes?

By Seth Davidson
(424) 241-8118, 24/7
Bike Injury Lawyer and 2016 Velo Club La Grange Sponsor
I often hear motorists ask cities to limit bike from certain roads, or ban them altogether. We all know that’s illegal, but what’s the law? Advocate Peter Rathmann has put together this excellent summary of the law.

  • Sections 21100 and the following sections of the CVC list all the things that local authorities are allowed to regulate concerning traffic. Subsection h allows them to regulate bicycles on public sidewalks (but not on roads/streets). And 21113g allows the UC Regents to regulate bicycles on property under their jurisdiction. So streets on university campuses can be closed to bikes.
  • 21100.5 allows cities on an island to limit vehicles of a certain size or class (but bicycles are expressly not a "vehicle" under the CVC).
  • 21101c allows local authorities to regulate what size of vehicle is allowed on certain highways under their jurisdiction - but again, bicycles are expressly not vehicles.

Here is a relevant extract from a CABO article ( on the topic.

Is it enough to look at state law, which is uniform over a wide area, or do we need to examine local laws, which can vary widely from place to place? Under the California Constitution, the powers of counties[5] and cities[6] are provided by the Legislature. Counties and cities may make and enforce police regulations not in conflict with general laws.[7] In the case of traffic law, however, there is such a conflict. The State of California preempts the entire field of traffic control in the California Vehicle Code:

“Except as otherwise expressly provided, the provisions of this code are applicable and uniform throughout the State and in all counties and municipalities therein, and no local authority shall enact or enforce any ordinance on the matters covered by this code unless expressly authorized herein.[8]”

The operation of bicycles on highways is regulated by the state under the provisions of the Vehicle Code.[9] Thus bicycle operation is among “the matters covered by this code,” and all local regulation is preempted except where expressly authorized. None of the authority delegated by the Legislature in the Vehicle Code permits local regulation of bicyclists on conventional roads.

That’s the long answer to the question, “Can the city ban bikes from the public roads?”

The short answer, of course, is “No.”

[About Seth: Seth has been cycling since 1982 and road racing since 1984. More than 90% of his practice consists of representing injured cyclists in the South Bay and West L.A.]

Upcoming Events September 2016

Oct 1: Helen’s Monthly Group Ride, 7:45 am Helen’s / Santa Monica
Oct 1: Westlake Village Century, Westlake Village
Oct 2: The Big Bad Hillclimb TT, Glendora
Oct 2: Helen’s Cycles / TriFit Beginner Ride, 7:45 am Helen’s / Santa Monica
Oct 4: TriFit Nutrition for Women Presentation, 6:30-7:30 pm TriFitLA / Yahoo! Center
Oct 8: Helen’s Monthly MTB ride, 7:45 am Helen’s SM
Oct 8: Helen’s MDR Group Ride, 7:45 Helen’s / Marina Del Rey
Oct 9: Pine Creek Challenge, Descanso
Oct 12: Board of Directors Meeting – All members welcome. 7 pm Yahoo! Centeracross the street from Helen’s Cycles Santa Monica
Oct 14-16: YSC Tour de Pink, Ventura
Oct 15: Helen’s Cycles Women Only Group Ride, 7:45 am Helen’s Santa Monica
Oct 16: CicLAvia – Heart of LA, Downtown Los Angeles
Oct 16: USAC Upgrade / Resume Builder Crit, Compton
Oct 16: Redlands Upgrade Series, Redlands
Oct 16: Helen’s Cycles / TriFit Beginner Ride, 7:45 am Helen’s / Santa Monica
Oct 22: South Bay Cycling Awards a/k/a “The Wankies”, Torrance
Oct 23: Redlands Upgrade Series, Redlands
Oct 30: SLO Granfondo, Avila Beach

Closing out 2016

Here are the big events remaining in 2016:

Nov 13: Club Photo / President's Ride benefitting Meals on Wheels / Awards Banquet

Nov 24: La Grange Thanksgiving Holiday Ride Benefiting Meals on Wheels

Cycling on the Internet

Cycling on the Internet
with Matthieu Delcourt

If you feel like adding some pro look to your equipment you can get stickers with your name and flag to brand your bike at Velo Stickers:

These stickers will fit on your frame, helmet, wheelset, traveling case and they can eventually be helpful in case you loose your item at the coffee place. Highly customizable, you get a total of 6 stickers and can even get the official ProTour design that all pro cyclists have. Apply the promo code: velolove in order to get 20% off your purchase. They definitely look really cool, and are becoming more and more common in our peloton.

The Month in Pictures

Normally, we provide some photos of the past month and what you all have been up to. But this past month, we had world famous photographer Joe Pugliese taking photos of the Piuma finishers, and so there is really only one place to go for your "Month in Pictures" - Joe's photo album. Here is just one example of his work from that day. Check out the rest!