The La Grange race team likes to go fast

We support a wide range of race teams, from beginning Cat 5 racers to experienced Cat 1 racers across all disciplines, including road, track and MTB, and all ages, from juniors to masters racers. While we focus on supporting local grassroots racing, our race team alumni include Olympic medalists, Tour de France stage winners, World Champions, National Champions, State Champions and recently, the first ever American winner of the Women’s Tour of Flanders.

To provide support its members and promote bike racing in Southern California, the La Grange race team has adopted the following principles as its core mission.

  • Accessibility: The La Grange race team promotes race accessibility by facilitating logistics (transportation, housing, and an on-site team basecamp) and providing entry fees for the team’s targeted race program. The team provides additional opportunities and resources throughout the year in the form of training camps, clinics, team rides, and social events.

  • Teamwork: Our racers commit to working for team goals by sacrificing personal race results and by volunteering time and resources in support of the race team.

  • Fun: La Grange takes racing seriously, but we believe competition is fun. We support the competitive spirit through our commitment to our racing, and the supportive environment created by our members at the team base camp.

  • Sportsmanship: Members of the La Grange race team are ambassadors for the team and the club at all times. Team members are expected to show respect for their teammates, their competitors, and the sport on the bike, online, and in the community.

  • Community: The La Grange race team supports the Southern California race community and actively supports equal and inclusive promotion of races for men and women.

  • Support: La Grange uses its resources to support racers across disciplines and categories, and to foster a race team that promotes the tenets of its mission: accessibility, teamwork, fun, sportsmanship, and support for the racing community.