Flight School meets their new coach

Today 11 of the Flight School racers got to meet their new coach Josh Horowitz of Broken Bones Garage. It was our kick-off meeting where he got to know them and they got to meet him. We covered a lot of ground in the 2.5 hour meeting including how to train throughout the year, how to eat right plus we introduced our new incentive program. All the riders had a good time and enjoyed dome pastries and bagels that were provided by some of the parents. Speaking of parents we had 10 parents also come which made the Garage pretty packed with people.

Our next step is to get the surveys filled out from Josh so he can find out the details about everyone and then come up with some killer plans to help each racer meet their season goals.

Valley of the Sun Time Trial Race Report

LaGrange was well represented this year for the first time by six of our junior Flight School racers. We had Dexter Koester in the Mens 9-12. Raphael Solarzano in the Mens 13-14. Noah Schlosser, Trevor Goodman and Gregory Goldstein in the Mens 15-16 and finally Ivy Koester in the Womens 13-14.

Dexter had no one else entered in his category so he was a shoe in for first place. Raphael had 9 racers in his category. Noah, Trevor and Gregory had 39 racers and Ivy had one other competitor, Cheyenne. She is really good and Ivy and Cheyenne regularly duke it out for first place.

After leaving Los Angeles at 6pm on Thursday night we drove to Blythe, Ca to sleep over before finishing the drive the next day. Our first start time in the time trial was Friday at 2pm so we could sleep in a little before driving the rest of the way. We arrived somewhere outside Phoenix friday at around Noon and were surprised by the mass of racers on high end TT bikes riding around.

After giving the racers instructions on how to ride the race of truth our first racer was off. Here's the times and placings for each of our racers:

Flight School is proud to announce a new partnership with Broken Bones coaching

The flight school is excited to announce a new deal with Josh Horowitz of Broken Bones Garage to coach our junior athletes and get them to the next level. Josh is going to work with all the juniors based on their goals for the 2014 season. He's going to not only do weekly and monthly plans for each kid but also use his vast experience of sports psychology to help them mentally too. Josh is going to also create a participation incentive program that rewards our juniors for participating in coaching and racing events.

Here's a little background on Josh's coaching:

Josh Horowitz has been a licensed cycling coach and certified personal trainer for more than 15 years.  As a coach and mental guru he has trained national champions, world champions and Tour de France stage winners along with hundreds of recreational riders at all ends of cycling the spectrum.

As a writer, Josh has been hammering out innovative articles on training, strategy, nutrition and sports psychology to the readers of Pez Cycling News for more than 10 years.  His work has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Bicycling Magazine and The Huffington Post.

Ivy Koester comes from behind to win Roger Miliken Criterium

Coming into the last turn with about 500 meters to go to the finish line Ivy was behind Megan from SC Velo by about 3 bike lengths. She was  cut off by one of the Mens 10-12 Juniors who swerved in front of her. But she didn't let any of that get into her head. She was determined to win and nothing was going to get in her way this time. She swung out to get some clear road and turned on the gas. As they approached 50 meters she was even with Megan and on her way to passing her for victory. She told me after the race that in the past she let the confusion of the final sprint unerve her confidence. We had been talking about how she is more powerful than any of the other girls and all she had to do was believe in herself and block out the other racers and focus on her task. Today she did and as a result she went from perennial 2nd or 3rd to a winner.

Flight School Mini Camp in PV

Today we had our first junior group ride of the year. Dexter, Ivy and I rode down to the Fire station on Westchester Parkway and met Ronan, Aldair, Raphael and our newest team member Lexi. Lexi and Ivy were really excited as each one really wanted another girl to ride with and this was their first major ride together. They talked the whole 2.5 hour ride.

We rode down to Catalina Coffee and met up with Kevin Phillips and his son Ryder. After the boys downed two cinnamon rolls, we headed out towards the golf course. Once we arrived, Kevin set up a one-on-one sprinting drill. Each kid was paired with another of similar ability and they did multiple rounds of short attacking sprints from a near stand still.

Meals on Wheels Holiday Ride

Thank you everyone for a great turnout at today's Meals On Wheels holiday ride.  Thanks for riding, thanks for donating to Meals On Wheels and thanks go out Catalina Coffee for being such a gracious host.

A few if us stopped by for a nice visit with Raymond afterwards.  It was gratifying to see him in good shape and in good spirits.  He thanked us for coming but in reality it is all of us who thank him for founding such a great cycling club.  A day of many thanks indeed.

La Granger Of The Year- Marc Thomas!

For those of you didn't hear the announcement at the banquet, you'll be happy to know that Marc Thomas is our 2013 La Granger Of The Year.  Thank you Marc for your tireless, selfless efforts helping with the Brentwood Grand Prix, your service on the Board of Directors, heading up Membership, leading Drills for Skills and the Tour of the Neighborhoods rides- just to name a few things.  Words cannot describe or do justice to the actions of this very special member of our club.  Congratulations Marc!