Privacy Policy

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain your privacy in all matters. If we collect information from you, we will let you know what it is and what we will do with it. We do not sell the Club membership list or your e-mail address to third-parties. As a Club member, you will receive communications from us from time-to-time. You can opt-out of most of these communications at anytime. If you register through the web site for a Club event (an “Activity”), you consent to receive information from the Club about that Activity. If we coordinate with or use the services of third parties to register you for events or an Activity, we will enter into an agreement with such third party that it will be responsible to ensure the privacy and security of any Member information that it obtains from the Club.

If you browse the Club website, no information is collected other than that which is typically collected in server logs by any given website you visit. We may install cookies on your computer for your convenience.

If you contribute to the Club Website by adding or editing information, you are publishing all of the words, photos, videos and other information that you post. You should assume that everything you put on the Website may not be removable, including because there are third-parties that archive Internet material. If you ask the Club, for legitimate reasons, in writing to remove things you have posted to the Website, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to do so.

Publishing Information on the Website

Your identity will not be publicly revealed by just visiting the Club website. When you add or edit a page, this is considered to be "publishing". "Publishing" is a public act. WHENEVER YOU PUBLISH INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE, YOU WILL ALWAYS PUBLICLY IDENTIFIED AS THE AUTHOR OF THAT INFORMATION.

Identification of an Author

It is required that you be logged-in to your account for you to Publish information. Since you are logged-in to an account when you Publish information, you will be identified by the user name of the account. The user name will be your real name, as identified when you initially created the account. The account username will be the identifying name for information you Publish.

Additionally, any information you Publish may also be tracked by your network IP address, but your IP address will not be readily available to the public. Instead, your IP address may be stored in servers used by the Club and can be seen by our server administration personnel and others who are granted individual and/or temporary access. An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies the Internet address you are using to access the Website. Depending on certain factors, this IP number may be traceable to your home, office or to your Internet service provider. Others may be able to connect your IP address with your actual identity.


Club may set a temporary cookie whenever you visit the Website. You need this cookie to be able to log-in. If you deny this cookie, you won't be able to log-in to your account. Either way, the cookie will be deleted when you close your browser. We may use other cookies in connection with your use of the Website to enhance and simplify your experience. You may clear these cookies anytime after using the Website.


All users are encouraged to select reasonably strong passwords and not to share them. The Club will not ask you for your password (except in a login box to access certain parts of the Website) nor knowingly reveal any user's password to another user or to the public, either directly or indirectly.

Private Logging & Abuse

When you visit any web site, information about you is collected, typically to determine use patterns and to make the user experience better, and sometimes for advertising. The Club may also collect such information. We only use this information to create our site statistics (the log data is kept private and not made public.) We do not log individual data, except to maintain usernames and password lists and in some cases to track abuses and abusers. From time to time we may look at individual IP addresses of users to try and correlate such addresses and usernames with any abuse of the Club site.

The Reasons We May Release Personal Information

There are a few instances in which we may release personal information of Club users. These instances are as follows:

  • In response to a subpoena or other compulsory request from law enforcement.
  • With the permission of the user in question.
  • When needed for investigation of abuse complaints.
  • When the information is needed to resolve technical issues.
  • Where it is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of the Club, its Members, or the public.

In addition, the Club will share Member personal information, including name, address, phone number and e-mail address with bicycle sponsor Helen’s Cycles so that Helen’s may create an account for you in its database to receive Member discounts. From time-to-time Helen’s may also send e-mails to Members. You will have a chance to opt out of such e-mails if you wish and you may request that Helen’s remove you from its database. Helen’s has agreed with the Club to keep all Member personal information private and not to share such Member personal information with any third parties without your consent.

We reserve the right to share Member personal information with other sponsors for the sole purpose facilitating their communication with Members, so long as the sponsor agrees in writing to keep all Member personal information confidential and not to provide to any third parties.

The Club Privacy Policy does not permit the public distribution of Member personal information for any reason, except as described above.

The Sharing of User Information & Security

Except where otherwise noted, all of the text that has been added to Club Website is available for reuse based on the Limited License agreement we have outlined in the Club Terms of Use and Disclaimer. Other than as described above regarding sponsors, the Club will not sell or share personal information (like e-mail addresses) to third parties unless you agree to release this information or we are required by law to release the information. The Club makes no guarantee against unauthorized access to your information. Though it is trying to create a highly secure environment, user information is available to certain Club personnel, internal developers, and administrators who have access to the Club servers.


You will be asked to provide your e-mail address when you create a user account. Other logged-in users may send you e-mail through the Club system and the Club will use your e-mail address to communicate with you. Your e-mail address will be included on the Club electronic mailing list, though the actual address will not be viewable to any other members by receiving e-mails, but will be viewable to members if you send e-mails. If you do not provide an accurate e-mail address, you will not be able to reset your password if you forget it.

User Data & User Accounts

Basic data on Club users, such as information about editing practices, may be available for other users to view. This information will not include e-mail addresses but, rather only usernames and/or IP addresses. Once you've created a user account it cannot be removed. You may change your user name if that name is available.

Deletion of content

Removing information from a Club post does not permanently delete the information. Any person browsing the Club Website may be able to view information that has been deleted. The only way information will be permanently deleted from the servers is if Club administrators deem it necessary to remove the information.