June Racers of the Month presented by

Dear members,

It's time for our Racer of the Month Awards p/b Seth Davidson Law.

For the June awards, we're doing things a little differently.

First, on the womens side, I am happy to announce that we have our first co-winners!

Molly FitzGibbon and Clare FitzGibbon are your June Racers of the Month! Clare and Molly are dedicated La Grange racers - at just 9 years of age, they've shown up for the past four years straight to compete in the La Grange Cup 500M at the Encino Velodrome! [Ed: The girls just turned 9, subsequent to this year's event - they started their LG Cup careers at just 5 years old!]. And while the 500M is an individual time trial event, they support each other's racing in a way we don't see from any of our other racers - just go to the 5:00 mark of the video link below to see what I'm talking about! Congrats to Molly and Clare!

Go to the 5:00 mark of this video to see Molly and Clare showing us all what supporting your fellow racer really looks like!

On the men's side... well, we decided that since the women racers have been killing it all year long, particularly in June and continuing into this month, the men forfeited the June prize and so the second Racer of the Month Award goes to Kate Wymbs!

On June 10, Kate took the Points Race at LAVRA's Friday Night Racing and ended up 2nd overall in the three-event omnium. A week later, on June 17, Kate took the overall omnium win at LAVRA Friday Night Racing!

Guys, time to step up your game!

Thanks again to La Grange sponsor Seth Davidson Law for providing the generous year-round sponsorship commitment that allows us to acknowledge and reward our racers!

Note: We do not consult with Seth as to the winners of the Racer of the Month Awards - he finds out who won the same way that you do, by reading his email. But as a very vocal and generous sponsor of local women's racing, we trust he will approve of this month's winners!

Robert Efthimos
President, Velo Club La Grange

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