2016 LG Cup PCH Time Trial Results

Dear members,

The official results of Saturday's PCH Time Trial - Trancas to (Almost) The Rock are in from 2016 La Grange Cup Director Sportif Marco Fantone. Here is the official communique from il Signor Fantone:

Just what you’ve all been waiting for!  Some pretty kick ass times today, very impressive. I have every reason to believe the times are accurate but then again I am human after all so if you see something that just doesn’t look right, give me a shout!
I’d like to thank my volunteer crew for doing a bang-up job at both ends of the course (including finding the correct finish line!):

  • Robert and Patrick for bringing the van
  • Scott Lipe for getting riders on course
  • Jan Datomi for making sure everyone had their numbers and attached them correctly!
  • Colin and Jerry for providing the muscle to hold each rider at the start line
  • Louis for corralling the riders into the start area
  • Gary for logging the finishing times at Big Rock
  • Frank for manning the stopwatch
  • Edgar and Dan for calling out rider numbers as they approached the finish

Couldn’t have pulled this off without all of you.

- Marco Fantone

Thank you to our 2016 sponsors:

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