2018 Kit Order Details

Dear members,

We've not only unveiled our new kit design in our Castelli-produced video, but the LG | Castelli online store is NOW OPEN!

Please note that all current La Grange members on the club email list have already been sent the link to the LG | Castelli online store. The store will remain open until midnight October 24. No extensions, no exceptions! We're giving you plenty of time to submit your order. We're also kicking off the store earlier than ever so that you can have your new kit in hand before year-end! So let's get things rolling with all the information that you need to order.


If there is one thing you take from this announcement, it is this: IF YOU ARE NOT ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of your size in any item, PLEASE USE THE FIT KIT!

What is the Fit Kit? It is a rack of virtually every item that we are offering in this order, in all sizes. Not sure if you are a M or L jersey? Use the Fit Kit! Unsure if the San Remo is really as amazing as I say it is? Use the Fit Kit!

This year, the Fit Kit will be available at Helen's Cycles Santa Monica for four days:

Friday October 13 | Saturday October 14 | Sunday October 15 | Monday October 16

And as if that wasn't enough, our new Castelli rep Mike Clodfelter will be at Helen's from 5pm-7pm on Monday October 16 to answer any questions that you may have.

All items are made to order - the club does not maintain a general stock of items - so if you order the wrong size we can't exchange it for another size. So if you are new to the club or ordering a brand new item and are not confident in your Castelli size, please please please, take advantage of the Fit Kit!

** NOTE: We are currently finalizing sponsor logos for the rear pockets area of jerseys, speedsuits and outerwear - those will be added before we go to production so that we can properly thank and represent our sponsors for their support of the club **

Your 2018 La Grange club and race team kit

Your 2018 La Grange club and race team kit


Back in June, Joe Camacho, Marco Fabrizio and I represented La Grange at Castelli’s 2018 product line reveal event for key accounts in Newport Beach. We came out of that presentationmore excited than ever to be partnered with Castelli. Here are some of the highlights, for me at least, of our 2018 lineup:

#1: Aero Socks

Will these save you 1 watt/leg (W/lg), 0.1 W/lg or 0.01 W/lg? I have no idea! What I do know is that skin is slow and these things certainly look and feel fast. But what really has me excited is that unlike a standard knit sock, we can print razor sharp graphics on these. While you might not make this your everyday sock (though some of you may!) these are great for when you want that last little bit of extra speed or want to look extra slick in the post-ride photo posts. Available in a blue, white and red base – the most choice we’ve ever offered.

#2: Aero Race 5.1 and Podio Jerseys

It’s no secret that I’m a San Remo zealot and since that’s all I wear, I can’t speak to these jerseys from personal experience. But I do know that most of you still go the jersey route, and all indications are that Castelli has a couple winners on its hands for us here. Both jerseys feature on-trend longer sleeves. Not down to your elbow long, but longer and thus more better. If sleeve length is critical to you, go check out the Fit Kit! The Aero Race 5.1 is the fastest jersey Castelli has every made, with advanced Velocity dimpled fabric and countless hours of wind tunnel testing. The Podio replaces the Team jersey and is constructed with Prosecco Strada fabric and mesh side panels for the ultimate in breathability and comfort. The Team Sky riders liked this one so much they asked if they could race in it!

#3: San Remo

If you haven’t tried one yet, do yourself a favor and do so. No really. Just try it on. You can thank me later.

#4: Body Paint 3.3 Speedsuit

This one is for the speed freaks. It takes a bit gyrational maneuvering to get into one of these – they really are like a second skin – but once you do, there is nothing faster. If you’ve been watching the Masters Track World Championships at Velo Sports Carson this past week, then you saw a lot of Body Paint 3.3 Speedsuits. Going very fast. So whether you are gearing up for the LG Cup 500M or LG Cup PCH Time Trial, hunting for Bear Jerseys in the time trial or just grabbing Strava KOMs on your own YouTube channel, the Body Paint 3.3 speedsuit WILL make you faster.

#5: Windstopper Vest

Everyone knows it doesn’t really get cold in SoCal, but when the air turns faux-frigid and the temperature dips down below 70°, it’s time to throw something on over the jersey (or San Remo!). While the climbers with their 2% BF may demand a jacket to stay warm, for most of us a vest gets the job done. I always found our Castelli vests to be a bit loose in the shoulders and thus not completely aero, which of course provided me with a convenient excuse whenever I got dropped on a ride. Alas, that excuse is gone, as Castelli listened to rider feedback and is giving us a completely redesigned and great-fitting vest for 2018. Try one on at Helen’s Cycles this weekend! Did I mention the Fit Kit?

#6: Head Thingy & Viva Thermo Skully

Ignore everything I said about it never getting cold in SoCal. After all, Winter is Coming. Whether you leave it on all ride or for just those first frigid 15 minutes of your pre-dawn rollout, these two items will keep your head toasty and provide you with the most warmth per gram (W/g) of any item in your cycling closet. A great way to take the chill off! The Skully is on the right above and the Head Thingy is on the right.

#7: Pro Mesh Base Layer

This piece was designed by Marco Fabrizio himself, so you know it’s stylish. And it matches our kits and says "La Grange" right on it. What’s not to like?


After this current kit order, we expect to launch our next kit order in the spring, for early summer delivery. That means it will be about 6 months in between the delivery of the two orders. We will also offer only certain "core" items (e.g. jerseys, bibs, San Remos) in the spring order, because we must meet Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for each and every item we offer. So for items including but not limited to vests, jackets, knee and leg warmers, this is the time to order if you don't want to wait a full year until our fall 2018 order.


Current members in good standing, check your email! The members-only link to the LG | Castelli online store should be in your inbox. If you're not yet a member, this is a great time to fix that! Just click the Join link at the top of the page.

Happy shopping!

Robert Efthimos
President, Velo Club La Grange