World Famous Photographer Joe Pugliese at Piuma on Saturday


Not that you need a reason to participate in the annual Piuma Hill Climb other than you get to climb Piuma but here is an incredible reason. World famous photographer and La Grange member Joe Pugliese is going to shoot portraits of the Piuma finishers again this Saturday. And when I write, “world famous,” I mean world famous. Joe has photographed Presidents, Bono, U2, Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Lance, Tom Hanks, and you can see more at

If you don't ride, you won't get an incredible portrait from an amazing artist. Here are a few portraits from last year. Be there Saturday at 9 am. Sign up for the climb here and then join us at the picnic at noon (buy your tickets here) since you will be hungry after dropping a lung on Piuma. Registration for Piuma closes tonight at 6pm and this is your final reminder so if you have not registered yet, NOW is the time.

Rich Hirschinger

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