Flight School Mini Camp in PV


Today we had our first junior group ride of the year. Dexter, Ivy and I rode down to the Fire station on Westchester Parkway and met Ronan, Aldair, Raphael and our newest team member Lexi. Lexi and Ivy were really excited as each one really wanted another girl to ride with and this was their first major ride together. They talked the whole 2.5 hour ride.

We rode down to Catalina Coffee and met up with Kevin Phillips and his son Ryder. After the boys downed two cinnamon rolls, we headed out towards the golf course. Once we arrived, Kevin set up a one-on-one sprinting drill. Each kid was paired with another of similar ability and they did multiple rounds of short attacking sprints from a near stand still.

After that we rode further up and came to what Kevin says is the steepest climb in PV. He took the kids up and I stayed back since my form is off due to my back injury. After 15 minutes, the first thing I heard was Ronan screaming with joy as he came blazing around the corner doing 25mph. He barely stopped in time and then told everyone he wanted to climb it again just so he could go downhill fast again. But we needed to head back home. Ryder and Kevin bailed in Redondo while we continued on.

Once we hit the top of Imperial Hwy and turned left onto Pershing, the four boys took off and raced each other to the top of Westchester Pkwy. I stayed back with the girls and enjoyed the end of my ride. At the top we stopped at In N Out and enjoyed some yummy burgers and regaled each other with our riding today.