Lee Ziff


Lee has been a La Grange member since 1974 and is in the Top 1% of all real estate agents in the country!

Lee’s background as a competitive athlete (US National Cycling Team & UC Berkeley Crew Team) and as a real estate investor made him ideally suited for the highly competitive career as a real estate agent. For over 20 years Lee has been one of the top residential realtors in the country. He is often sought as a speaker at national conventions and to address agents at offices around the country. Lee has sold over 500 career properties, including everything from small condominiums to large celebrity estates and everything in between. As an experienced real estate investor himself, Lee’s clients often use him to buy/sell apartment buildings as well.

Lee started his career with Coldwell Banker and was selected for their President’s Advisory board. In 2008, he saw the meteoric rise of Keller Williams and, after extensive research into it and 5 other companies, he decided to make a change and never looked back. Today Keller Williams is the largest residential real estate sales company in the world.

Lee has raced and ridden with La Grange colors on his back since 1974 and is proud to be a sponsor of the club so he can give back to a group that has given him so much over the years.