LG50 Third Chance Kit Order

Wow. Y’all appear to want more. Well, you must let us know if you do since will likely reopen the store for people who want to order more or for new members who did not place an order. I say “likely” since we will only place items in the store that will meet the minimum order quantities (MOQ), which is usually 10 of an item. If 10 or more of an item is wanted, then that item will be placed in the store. If we place items in the store and the MOQ is not met then the club makes up the difference so please only indicate items you will actually purchase if they are in the store. Please complete this form so we know what you plan to buy so we can assess demand. This poll will only be open for a few days so do not wait. We really did not think we would need to offer a third round so if you are reading this, let us know your interest now. Thank you!


Please enter the quantity of each item you plan to order and click “Submit.” If you need a visual of what each item is, please click this link.

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