Helen's Cycles


Taking good care of people and their bikes since 1936. 

Helen’s Cycles has been around since 1936.  It was not always called Helen’s Cycles.  When they began, they were a small repair shop in Venice Beach, California and were owned by Helen Throckmorton and her mechanic husband, Ted, who was also a mechanic for billionaire Howard Hughes.  The Aviator had given Ted an ultimatum about his moonlighting as a bike mechanic.  So they decided to call it Helen’s Cycles and put the business in her name.   Helen’s has only passed through three other owners since 1936.

Helen’s has a very long history in Los Angeles.  Since their inception, they have moved twice and currently have their main location in Santa Monica. They have expanded their footprint throughout Los Angeles:  To Westwood, Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Arcadia and, after purchasing I. Martin Bicycles, they are in Beverly Hills.

Helen’s Cycles prides itself in having the best service and staff in all of the bike industry.  They also take pride in the fact that they always have the coolest product on hand.

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