Dr. Rich Hirschinger


Treating snoring, sleep apnea, and chronic facial pain.

Dr. Rich Hirschinger is a club member and current member of the Board of Directors. He first joined La Grange in the late 1980’s, and is one of the few people left in the club who rode with Raymond on the Sunday Nichols ride when the riders ended the ride at the La Grange Restaurant.

Rich is a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist, which is a specialty of dentistry that most of you have not heard of. He has a private practice in Beverly Hills where he treats snoring and sleep apnea. Several La Grange members have benefited from this aspect of his service since they are getting improved oxygen flow to their brain during sleep. They might be the ones beating you to the finish on Nichols. He also treats headaches including migraine, cluster, and tension-type headaches, head and neck muscle and nerve pain including trigeminal neuralgia, and TMJ. Rich is also a clinic supervisor of the UCLA Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine residency. He is in charge of the La Grange van supported centuries, the club picnic, and various other club responsibilities. Club members receive a 15% courtesy so take advantage of this offer if you suffer from any of the ailments that he treats.