LG Cup is upon us!

On Saturday May 6th starting at HIGH NOON, we kick off another year of La Grange Cup with the 500M Sprint at the famed Encino Velodrome. LG Cup is the ultimate source of club bragging rights for an entire year. No Strava segment even comes close!

The 500M sprint is comprised of two laps of the Encino Velodrome.  You will be held in position at the start line by an official.  Countdown to zero and you’re off!  The key to a good time is getting off the line and up to speed as fast as possible and then holding that speed for the next 35+ seconds.  You don’t have to be a trackie to get a rush from this experience and your standard road bike is just fine for this event.

As an added bonus this year, the club will be providing a pair of bad-ass, custom LG Cup socks for all participants!

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